DD-WRT Tutorial - Broadcom AutoAP DD-WRT - Buffalo WZR-300HP Router Repeater Low-n-behold I found the Buffalo Tech 300n with DD-WRT firmware already installed. I would love to say that this was an easy setup. Issue is that Buffalo Tech customized the DD-WRT firmware to their liking. There was no "Repeater" choice even though they market product as repeater. A … Dd-Wrt Routers - Best Buy Top comment " Fantastic router for dd-wrtAn open source router gives you the flexibility to use open source software from DD-WRT or OpenWRT to update the firmware that can be customized to your needs that range from setting up vpn, web server, manage hotspots, analyze network traffic, detect intrusion and so on Setup - If you like a step by step setup process this router is awesome" DD-WRT Tutorial 5: Wireless Repeater - InternetNews. Jan 19, 2007

Open a web browser and connect to to view the DD-WRT GUI. Set a username and password, if not asked for this, do a proper reset Go to Wireless->Wireless Security and enter the Security Mode and other information same as Primary Hit SAVE (not apply) Go to the Wireless->Basic Settings and change the Wireless Mode to "Client"

Difference Between Client Bridge/Wireless Repeater Modes

DD-WRT Tutorial 5: Wireless Repeater - InternetNews.

Proceed to reboot the Access point. That will get the DD-WRT Access Point up and running. If there is a need to open the Web interface, you can do so by typing in the IP Address that you had assigned earlier to the Access Point. Wrap Up. In conclusion, the DD-WRT Access Point can increase the wireless network coverage in your home or workplace. #5603 (add mac address clone option for both wifi - DD-WRT lots of problems with dupe mac, its not specified by dlink. on stock firmware the macs are not the same & devices dont get confused. setup ur dir-862L, have both ath0 & ath1 with the same ssid & password. connect ur iphone 6 to it, it should go to the 5ghz ac radio first, then move it away enough so the phone roams to the 2.4ghz radio. when it does so do a speed test on the phone, the results [SOLVED] DD-WRT access point - Networking - Spiceworks Jul 15, 2016 ‎DD-WRT PRO on the App Store