Nov 28, 2014

Feb 24, 2020 Mitre Corporation - IMPORTANT: Nov 28, 2014 Mitre Corporation - CPE - Common Platform Enumeration Nov 28, 2014 NVD - CVE-2020-11884 Current Description. In the Linux kernel through 5.6.7 on the s390 platform, code execution may occur because of a race condition, as demonstrated by code in enable_sacf_uaccess in arch/s390/lib/uaccess.c that fails to protect against a concurrent page table upgrade, aka CID-3f777e19d171.

Oct 10, 2019

MITRE is the primary maintainer of CVE, and therefore the primary assigner for CVE IDs. When a new vulnerability is reported, MITRE researches the vulnerability to determine the details and if the vulnerability has previously been reported by someone else.

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CVE terminology and information The MITRE Corporation maintains CVE and this public Web site, manages the compatibility program, and provides impartial technical guidance to the CVE Editorial Board throughout the process to ensure CVE serves the public interest. Please visit for more information How can I report a new vulnerability to such MITRE mentions bugtraq - where you would just publish your vulnerability (not a request for a CVE), and ideally get a CVE by MITRE - , but you could also use oss-security, which is mainly used for CVE requests (you can see the rate of assignments from cve-assign @ MITRE… CWE - News & Events Jun 25, 2020