Jan 13, 2016 · Google has launched a localised version of YouTube in Pakistan, potentially paving the way for the country's top court to lift a ban on the site over "blasphemous content". The site was blocked

How Pakistan knocked YouTube offline (and how to make sure This is what happened with YouTube, which Pakistan's government ordered blocked because of offensive material, apparently a video depicting the cartoons about Muhammad that … Internet censorship in Pakistan - Wikipedia Mar 05, 2006 YouTube still blocked in Pakistan: PTA | The Express Tribune

Feb 22, 2008 · It seems that YouTube is down in Pakistan. Possibly it is blocked. Blocking websites is a rather bad habit that the government authorities in Pakistan have gotten into (here and here). This is something that we have written about before.

Jul 25, 2020 YouTube blocked in Pakistan - YouTube

Mar 31, 2020

ISLAMABAD: YouTube will remain blocked 'indefinitely' in Pakistan, a government official said Saturday as experts failed to find a way to filter content deemed offensive and blasphemous. YouTube was blocked in Pakistan following a decision taken by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority on 22 February 2008 because of the number of "non-Islamic objectionable videos." One report specifically named Fitna, a controversial Dutch film, as the basis for the block. Sep 17, 2012 · The Pakistan government has blocked popular video-sharing website YouTube for not removing the anti-Islam film, according to local media reports. The website will remain suspended till the film is Jan 18, 2016 · YouTube was blocked in Pakistan in 2012 after the posting of an inflammatory video, Innocence of Muslims, sparked violent protests across the Muslim world. The three-year ban has been one of the Pakistani networks blocked YouTube in the country from late Monday after receiving the prime minister's orders, a spokesman for the telecom regulator Pakistan Telecommunication Authority said on