2018-2-14 · MatrixSSL 开发者 PeerSec Networks, [1] (现被INSIDE Secure公司收购) 初始版本 2004年1月25日 () 稳定版本 3.9.3(2017年6月22日, 2年前 ) [2] )[±] 编程语言 C语言 操作系统

pubRsaDecryptSignedElementExt in MatrixSSL 4.0.1 Open, as used in Inside Secure TLS Toolkit, has a stack-based buffer overflow during X.509 certificate verification @jww I think given that this question is over 3 years old that it is a bit late to signal the off-topic flag. – Dean MacGregor Nov 27 '16 at 23:11 MatrixSSL is an Open Source (GNU Public License) product, and is also available commercially if you need freedom from GNU rules. Everything you need is included here, but check the MatrixSSL.org web site to make sure you've got the latest version of the MatrixSSL "C" code if you like (it's in the directory "./matrixssl" of this package if you matrixssl/matrixssl: 194,462 line of code and 0.08 defect density Open Source Defect Density By Project Size Jun 22, 2017 · MatrixSSL is a secure socket layer cryptographic library aimed at embedded and IoT systems due to its low code footprint and RAM utilization. It is supported on many embedded platforms, fully compatible with other SSL implementations and FIPS140-2 compliant.

MatrixSSL through 3.9.5 Open allows a memory-cache side-channel attack on ECDSA signatures, aka the Return Of the Hidden Number Problem or ROHNP. To discover an ECDSA key, the attacker needs access to either the local machine or a different virtual machine on the same physical host. 6 CVE-2018-12438: 320: 2018-06-14: 2018-08-09

什么是好的嵌入式TLS库?(Cyassl诉Polarssl … 2018-4-16 · 我已经浏览了支持TLS 1.2的良好SSL / TLS库 我也想在嵌入式平台上使用这个库,所以它应该小巧,简单,安全和免费。它应该是AC / C ++库。 到目前为止,我已经遇到了Cyassl,Polarssl Matrixssl很多,所以我认为其中的一个应该是一个不错的 开源SSLv3协议栈 MatrixSSL__嵌入式_算 … 2015-1-21 · MatrixSSL 是针对小型应用程序和设备设计的嵌入式、开放源码SSLv3协议栈(商业版支持TLS协议)。它减少了将SSL整合进嵌入式工程 的复杂性,使用一个简单的API和安全层,用户可以很容易地将MatrixSSL整合到它们的应用程序。

2013-5-6 · 使用goahead 2.5版本不用做任何修改就可以支持matrixssl-3-1-3-open版本的SSL 该日志由 wukaiyue521 于7年前发表在综合分类下,最后更新于 2013年05月06日. 转载请注明: goahead 2.5 使用matrixssl-3-4-2-open 或 matrixssl-3-1-3-open | 学步园 +复制链接

2019-10-3 · MatrixSSL 是针对小型应用程序和设备设计的嵌入式、开放源码SSLv3协议栈(商业版支持TLS协议)。它减少了将SSL整合进嵌入式工程 的复杂性,使用一个简单的API和安全层,用户可以很容易地将MatrixSSL整合到它们的应用程序。Matrixssl使用工业 MatrixSSL Software T|摩尔云IP共享平台 2018-6-29 · MatrixSSL uses one dynamic buffer per connection for deterministic memory usage, no memory fragmentation, zero memory leaks, and protection against buffer overruns. Transport-layer agnostic implementation allows use of network security protocols on POSIX sockets, kernel level sockets, and packet networks such as Wi-Fi.