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syslog(2) - Linux man page The call returns the number of bytes read. Bytes read from the log disappear from the log buffer: the information can only be read once. This is the function executed by the kernel when a user program reads /proc/kmsg. SYSLOG_ACTION_READ_ALL (3) Read all messages remaining in the ring buffer, placing then in the buffer pointed to by bufp. MySQL :: MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual :: 15.5.2 Change Buffer The innodb_change_buffer_max_size variable permits configuring the maximum size of the change buffer as a percentage of the total size of the buffer pool. By default, innodb_change_buffer_max_size is set to 25. The maximum setting is 50. Consider increasing innodb_change_buffer_max_size on a MySQL server with heavy insert, update, and delete activity, where change buffer merging does not keep

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Change Or Increase Cisco Router Logging - Log File Size To double the log file you simple double the log size (in bytes). Here how you would increase your log file from 4096 bytes to 8192 bytes. conf t logging buffered 8192. Now that you’ve made the change, its a good idea to check the current log file size. Use this command to see your log file: show logging Log Buffer (8192 bytes)